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Biotechspert is an algorithm-driven platform leveraging big data and machine learning to rapidly identify, solicit and connect you to specialists in any niche in the healthcare and life sciences sector.


Ranking intelligently on 50+ metrics, we find the data-backed leading experts for any topic for our clients, and use a fully automated platform for rapid and simple connection processes.


In a matter of seconds, we index over 15 million academics, 5 million clinicians, and over 1 million commercial experts, meaning we never compromise on quality or precision.


Built on cutting-edge big data technology

Biotechspert machine learning

Machine learning

We use ML algorithms to identify and connect with the leading experts for every niche

Biotechspert generates rankings and metrics on twenty million specialists

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We index and rank over 20M sector experts. If the expertise exists, we’ll find it

Biotechspert rapid connections

Rapid connections

Our lean and data-driven approach means we’re quick, whilst maintaining high quality standards

Biotechspert precise ranking algorithms

Precision matching

We rank on 50+ sector-relevant metrics, giving you confidence you speak to only the best

How Biotechspert works


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Expertise identified

Our algorithms trawl 100s of academic and clinical datasets around the world, using data to rank to top experts to address your questions, no matter how niche.

How to use techspert.io

Get connected

Once confirmed, and you're happy with their profile, you can speak directly to the expert. We handle all elements of scheduling, call hosting, and expert payment.

How to use techspert.io

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