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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Honorary Reader at Barts Health NHS Trust

Manoj Ramachandran

My personal website is - please review for my expertise and achievements. I'm a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Honorary Reader at Barts Health NHS Trust, the largest healthcare organisation in Europe and my other roles there include: (1) Director of Clinical Strategy at the Institute of Bioengineering, (2) Director...



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Vice President Digital Health Innovation at AstraZeneca

David Goren - AstraZeneca

Pharma exec with 30 years global experience in strategy, commercial, digital health across most therapeutic areas, including general management,



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Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Jin Billy Li

My main interest lies in RNA editing and modifications, which constitute the epitranscriptome. I am interested in understanding the roles of RNA editing and modifications in the immune and nervous systems, with the hope to treat autoimmune diseases, viral infection, cancers, and neurological diseases. In addition, I have expertise in...






FinTech Co-Founder | Mentor | Speaker | Turnaround | Operational Efficiency | Communication | Chief of Staff - COO | MIT

Pierre-Jean Hanard

Besides running my own startup, I advise startups in FinTech, BioTech and Food Tech on business model, growth strategy, sales management and capital raising. I also enjoy coaching entrepreneurs on storytelling – personal narrative and startup story – using my experience as coach at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government...



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Executive Director and Founding Partner

Miguel Duarte Ferreira - Peiran Life Sciences Consulting

Miguel is Peiran Consulting Founding Partner and Executive Director. Miguel holds an extensive experience to deliver projects within LATAM. These projects focus on serving local and international companies who are already operating and/ or plan to expand into this region.



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Consultant Urological Surgeon

Ahsanul Haq

I am a Consultant Urologist with a specialist interest in functional urology, andrology and erectile dysfunction. I am also a specialist in laser prostate surgery.



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Salman Samson Rogers - The Technology Partnership

Expert in technology development, in the life science and medical device fields. Currently leading a spin-out venture: building a cell sorter for cell therapy. Based in Cambridge UK. Normally happy to talk for free! Gimme a call. :-)



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Founder & Managing Director W Life Sciences, Expert Board & Mentor at Skolkovo Foundation

Lukas Wilma - W Life Sciences

30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, R&D, Business Development, In- Out-licensing. Evaluation of programs. Strong international network. Target audience: academia, tech transferts, start-ups, biotechs, pharmas. Fluent in english, french, italian.



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Postdoctoral Researcher

Mehdi Golozar - University of Cambridge



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Professor, Department of Genetics/UFRGS - Medical Genetics Service/HCPA

Roberto Giugliani

Dr. Roberto Giugliani, MD, PhD, is Professor at the Department of Genetics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for the Development of Medical Genetics Services in Latin America, and Coordinator of the National Institute of Population Medical Genetics, in Porto Alegre,...



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Managing Director at Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Bob Ferguson - Strategic Consulting Inc.

Managing Director for Strategic Consulting, inc., for more than 20-years the leading knowledge resource for business strategy and market intelligence in industrial microbiology diagnostics. Strategic Consulting is the leading knowledge resource for business strategy and market intelligence in industrial diagnostics. We focus on microbiology-based, quality/safety testing for the food, beverage,...



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Research Group Leader at University of Cambridge

Dora Pereira - University of Cambridge

I am a biochemical engineer who has been working on the pre-clinical and clinical development a novel iron supplement. My main interest is global health and resource-poor markets. Advice on safety data dossiers for an EU EFSA submission of a dietary food supplement Advice on Investigator Brochure for an UK...



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Professor of Cell Biology at Emory University School of Medicine

Criss Hartzell - Emory University

I am a professor of cell biology with a broad, interdisciplinary background and ~40 years with continuous funding from the US National Institutes of Health. I have expertise in the physiology and biophysics of ion channels and their roles in cardiac electrophysiology, muscular dystrophy, epithelial secretion, and macular degeneration.



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Independent Consultant in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

David Glover - None

Highly experienced retired pharmaceutical physician with unique biotech sector experience at board level. experience encompasses development of medicines and medical devices from preclinical through clinical trials and marketed use. As chief medical officer at Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) I was responsible for putting in place product development capabilities and for...



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Research Fellow

Sean Mackay - University of Otago

New Zealand based chemist with expertise in the design and development of nanoscale drug delivery systems. Past and current projects include novel therapeutics for neurological conditions and vascular abnormalities. Experience involves nanoparticle synthesis, liposome design and formulation, scale-up manufacturing, project management, funding, technology transfer and IP due diligence.



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Experts at delivering technology ROI by stimulating your thinking, sharing insight & experience to realise value for you

Matt Mower - Mower/Valdemarin Ltd.

Working with startups and SME's to create competitive differentiation and drive revenue/profit growth through the development of technology products and services. We bring proven processes and tools to connect the business and technology to generate ROI.



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Founder of b-neuro

Jo Neill

Development of validated animal models for psychiatric disorders with a focus on cognition and negative symptoms in schizophrenia. Expertise in translational models and ethologically relevant tests. Works with Pharmaceutical companies testing new drug targets for these indications e.g. Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, LB Pharmaceuticals. President of BAP (British Association for Psychopharmacology...



Andy hill 2


Andy Hill - Fieldridge Limited

I am a serial entrepreneur in the medical devices industry with a background in sales, marketing and general management (to CEO level). I have a particular interest in technology transfer, having spun a company out of the University of Oxford, and the Lean Startup methodology. My consulting business, Fieldridge Limited,...




Research associate in astronomical data analysis and digital image processing at University of Cambridge

Ali Dariush

My expertise is in the field scientific image processing and analyzing digital images including images from microscopes or telescopes, e.g. whole-slide images in digital pathology. I extensively use computer vision algorithms (e.g. OpenCV).




Pharmaceutical Market Access Associate Consultant at Access Infinity

Anna Ohanjanyan - Access Infinity

Access Infinity is a pharmaceutical value consultancy helping clients - from small biotech startups to large pharmaceutical companies - to overcome market access challenges. We specialise in: • Market access due diligence • Strategic payer research • Pricing and reimbursement strategy • Target product profile generation • Minimum reimbursable profile...



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Independent Consultant in Life Sciences Information Management

Richard Shute - Curlew Research

Richard Shute is an accomplished IS/IT strategic business relationship, account and portfolio manager, medicinal chemist, scientist and leader, with >25 years of drug discovery experience in the global pharmaceutical industry (ICI/Zeneca/AstraZeneca). He now consults for Curlew Research ( and is an advisor to Encrypgen ( Richard has a special interest...



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Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Cambridge Epigenetix


Extensive experience in DNA sequence analysis, including next-generation sequencing pipeline analysis and interpretation.




PhD Candidate in Physical Biology & Business Development Fellow

Jun-Han Su - Harvard University

Advice on development of image-based single cell transcriptomics and CRISPR-based genome editing tools, technology transfer and academic partnership, as well as general medical practice