Frequently Asked Questions

Biotechspert is a novel expert advice platform for the biotech industry. Our aim is to facilitate the provision of freelance consultancy advice around the world, supporting the growth of companies of all sizes.
Biotechspert is an online platform, connecting experts with specialised knowledge to share with those seeking their advice, such as bio-entrepreneurs, industry management, and investors, among others.

For experts:

If you’d like to share your advice through our platform, you can click the signup button above, syncing your LinkedIn details to help populate your profile. You can also select some keywords to help advice-seekers find you, and write a little more about yourself and your background. Once complete, and having filled out a £/hour price you’re happy to give advice at, you’ll be listed on our expert database, searchable by advice-seekers on our platform.

When an advice-seeker would like to speak with you, they’ll request a call through your profile, suggesting a range of times to call, as well as providing further information on their query. If none of the proposed times suit, you’ll also have the opportunity to counter-propose a new range of times, hopefully finding something mutually suitable.

Upon your acceptance of the request, both parties will be issued with a unique dial-in number with PIN, which will be active at the originally specified time. Following the call, the advice-seeker will be charged for your time, and your earnings will soon be in your Biotechspert wallet, ready to withdraw as and when you need.

For advice-seekers:

If you’re looking to source expert advice through our platform, you’ll first need to signup using the link above, creating a short profile to help identify you to the experts you contact. Once complete, you can use our search bar at the top to look through our expert database, to identify those professionals best suited to answer your questions. You can also search by keyword or focus area, to help narrow down your search to those most suitable experts.

Once you’ve identified the experts you’d like to speak to, you can book a call with them through their profile, suggesting a range of times to talk, and providing further context to your question, allowing the expert to make sure they’re capable of addressing it.

Once an expert accepts your request, both parties will be issued with a unique dial-in number with PIN, which will be active at the originally specified time. You will be charged using the expert’s rate based on how long your call lasts. You will also be given the opportunity to review the expert following the call, a very important step!

Biotechspert is currently in beta trial, so an invitation code is required to register. If you’re interested, email with a brief introduction.
Biotechspert is a global platform, connecting experts with advice-seekers independent of location.
Click “My Account” on the top right of the page and go to “Profile Settings”. Here you will be able to update info on your profile, including specialty areas, your price per hour, as well as opt in or out to donating a portion of your earnings to charity.
If you’d like to de-list yourself as an expert on Biotechspert temporarily, you can do so on your “Profile Settings” page. If you’d like to remove your account entirely, please email
Once you’ve identified the expert you’d like to speak to, you can click “Request a Call” on their profile. Here you can provide some added information on your reason for calling, as well as propose a range of times during which the call can be taken.
If you’re looking to speak to an expert from a niche area, but don’t find that area represented, please let us know (! We will then do our best to recruit relevant experts in this area to help address your questions.
Sign in with your invitation code (email if you don’t have one). Then on your profile page click “Become an expert” and this will then allow you to select your area of expertise and price per hour. Once you have saved your profile we will receive your application and will review it within 48 hours. If you successfully pass our vetting process, then your expert profile will be added to our database and you are ready to go.
If someone requests a call with you then you will receive a notification from directing you to respond to the call request. You can either accept one of the times the advice-seeker has proposed, reject the request, or re-schedule the call. Once you have accepted then both parties will receive a notification providing them with the dial-in details for the call and a pin code to access the conference line. This information will also be available in your call log on the website. You will also receive reminders prior to your call time. At the scheduled time you can then dial into the line and conduct the call. Once the call has finished your earnings will be calculated based on the length of the call. You will receive the money in your account and ready for withdrawal on our website within 48 hours.
If you request a call with an expert then once you have entered your card details and selected an expected call time, then your card will be ‘pre-authorised’ for that amount (e.g. £100 if you have requested a 1hr call at £100/hour). Following the call, the amount that you are charged will be adjusted based on the length of the call. If the call is only half an hour, then you will only be charged £50 (based on the £100/hour rate). If the call lasts for an hour and a half then you will be charged £150. The earnings received by the expert will correspond to the figure that you are charged but the Biotechspert service fee, and any charitable donations, will be deducted.
Click on 'view finances' on the task pane of the website. You can then view all of your transactions through the site and you have the option to withdraw your funds to your paypal account.
When you create your expert profile, or if you choose to edit your profile, then you will have the option of selecting a charity, and a portion of your earnings that you would like to donate to that charity. If you choose to donate some of your earnings to a charity then this will be deducted from the earnings that you receive and will instead be donated by us to the selected charity. You will receive a receipt from the charity for your donation (this may take up to 6 weeks to come through).
Biotechspert charge a service fee of 15%. This is deducted from the amount that is earned by the expert for the call. For example, if an expert has a price per hour of £100, then after the deduction of the service fee then they will receive £85 for an hour long call. The advice seeker will pay the full £100.
We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please review our privacy policy at